Our Commitment to the Local Neighbourhood

Step Places is committed to creating places that are focused on quality design and sustainability that deliver social and economic value for residents and their local community. We believe that is essential that we go beyond than just providing homes. Therefore, as part of our commitment to delivering social value, we would like to work with local stakeholders, to bring positive outcomes to the local communities in which we build, enhancing local services, providing employment and local supply chain opportunities whilst managing our construction activities in a manner that does not cause nuisance to those residents and businesses near to our sites.


Working closely with Alder Hey Hospital and the local community environmental groups, we will promote healthy and sustainable transport options such as walking, cycling, public transport and electric vehicles by incorporating elements such as pedestrian routes, cycle paths and car charging infrastructure into the design.

We will provide the local community networks with regular engagement opportunities to discuss the progress of our development and opportunities for delivering social value.

You can also read our Social Value statement within our Planning Application here.