Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our plans are confined to previously developed brownfield land that formerly belonged to the Alder Hey Hospital Trust. As a community led Developer, Step Places hope to work closely with the local residents and stakeholders to ensure our Development complements and adds value to the exciting plans for the Springfield Park.

We believe that based on our Development’s higher quality and location, that we provide greater value for buyers and fits in with the demographics and income of our primary target audience of NHS key workers. As well as being comparable with other housing developments across Liverpool. We will be offering shared equity deals which makes the properties much more affordable.

Our research suggests that rents are affordable if you have 2 people sharing, and are in fact 25% – 30% lower than city centre rents for similar quality apartments.

We are forecasting less than 60 vehicles per hour in the AM and PM peak period (less than 1 vehicle per minute).  If we discounted for the people that will not drive because they work at the hospital and live nearby the peak time trips figures would be significantly lower. It is also worth noting that there is likely to be a reduction in peak time traffic from Alder Hey Hospital staff, due to introduction of more flexible ways of working in the future and a Green Travel Plan.

Start on site will depend on receiving planning permission from Liverpool City Council. We submitted our application in mid-December and we hope to have a decision on our proposals by Mid-March. Once an application is agreed we would expect construction be completed by early 2023.

Our Development will include a mix of family homes and 1 and 2 bed apartments, that favours shared accommodation. It is our objective to create homes that are permeable to the surrounding area and integrated with the Park. For our rental properties we will providing individuals with a low energy high quality build apartment with access to shared common lounges, and a gym; an undercroft car parking, bike stores and access to a car club. We will be providing a mix 3 and 4 bed houses that are in a combination of Mews and Town houses styles.

The latest plans propose 182 high quality well designed new homes on the site. New homes will be available to NHS staff and local residents who wish buy or rent.

Step Places have agreed that the development include much needed Private Rented accommodation for keyworkers (public sector employees who provide essential services) and that Alder Hey and other NHS staff will be given priority on purchase. We will also be providing supported accommodation for young adults with autism and some apartments exclusively aimed at older people.  

The new houses will be offered first to NHS staff and then local residents who wish to buy. Those left will be sold at the market rate at the time of sale. 

The NHS Trust has been given assurances by Step Places that the development is designed to support the Trust’s vision and about the scale and type of dwellings included within the development. Step Places have agreed that the development will include much needed accommodation for keyworkers (public sector employees who provide essential services) and that Alder Hey and other NHS staff be given priority on purchase. There is a hospital hotel that will be used for step down care for Alder Hey residents. A research and development building will be provided as part of the proposals for the NHS Trust.