Alder Hey NHS Trust staff survey

We surveyed Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust’s 3750 staff to gather views on the future development by Step Places on the former hospital site. The survey was carried out using Survey Monkey.

Staff were a asked total of nine questions that included what they regard as important when choosing to live in a specific neighbourhood through to their opinions on Step Places proposals that a number of the new homes are designated for key workers. 510 responses were received.

The key findings were:

  • 86% of respondents said they welcome a number of the new homes designated for key workers.
  • 155 who responded said they would be interested in a key worker home
  • 63% of respondents said the easy access to a park was important or very important when choosing where to live, while 81% said well-maintained public spaces was important or very important.
  • A local deli, gym and café would key facilities in a new development for over 55% plus of all respondents.
  • 77% of staff who responded said they would choose to buy a home if they were looking to move nearer to their workplace. 23% said they would prefer to rent.
  • 80% of staff said that health and wellbeing would be a key factor in their decision about where to live.

The full survey can be accessed here.